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Panoptic Media are an agency who specialise in Online PR.

The world of SEO and link building is ever-changing, and as a result, our methods of acquiring links needs to become evermore innovative.

Put simply, the better the publication that links to your content, the better the SEO benefit for your site.


Online PR is centred around producing great content that great media publications want to publish. The content needs to be newsworthy, relevant, engaging and unique - and that's where our expert content creation, combined with a PR spin, comes to the fore.

We can run surveys, market research, or use existing unique data to sit at the forefront of our PR campaigns. Once we have that data, our PR experts put a unique spin on it - we'll interpret the data and add a unique angle to it, thus ensuring that we're putting the most relevant topics in front of the most relevant journalists.


Our media database is huge - in fact, it's the largest on the market. We have hundreds of thousands of contacts - from journalists, bloggers, freelancers, to editors of industry specific and leading publications.

Furthermore, the array of markets that we can operate in is vast - we have media contacts in a whole host of niches, industries and sectors, meaning we can segment our target audience and produce expert content based on who we're looking to approach.


As a result, the take-up is huge. As a PR agency, we have got some exceptional coverage in some of the countries leading publications.

Our process is a simple one:

  • We plan and strategise your online PR campaign
  • We then segment our vast database into manageable chunks, ensuring that we're including relevant publications based on industry, sector and media type
  • We gather data using an array of techniques, ensuring that we've got data that is newsworthy, catchy, and offers a great chance of publication.
  • Once we've done this, we then push your brand to market - all with an SEO strategy in mind.

Our online PR campaigns don't just deliver brand awareness, but they deliver an exceptional SEO benefit too.


Panoptic Media, as a leading online PR agency, have successfully received coverage in top-end publications and media outlets for a whole host of clients.

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