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As an SEO agency, one of the most common questions we get asked is, 'how is my site performing in the search engines?'

And when we suggest that there might be room for improvement, the typical response is - 'how can we make it perform better?'

Panoptic Media offer a free SEO Analysis, that looks at how your site is performing in the search engines, and how we might improve that performance.


Is your anchor under-optimised? Are your inbound links being pointed to the wrong landing pages? Is your content not performing in the way you'd want?

Our SEO Consultants have years of experience in monitoring the health of a website, and it's their passion to make improvements.

That's just what we do.


Where do the opportunities lie in attracting more traffic from the search engines?


We'll look at the following when we're making our suggestions:

- Keyword Performance - Are you targeting the right terms, with the right search volumes, that are the most commercially beneficial?

- On-Page SEO - Are there any technical or content issues that are holding your site back?

- Off-Page SEO - Is your content generating the number and quality of links you want? And are those links pushing the equity where we want it?


Our free SEO Analysis is a bespoke report that is put together by an SEO Consultant.

We use the tools we have available, and we combine this with the human eye to generate a report that is both well-researched and useful


Get in touch with Panoptic Media today to request your free SEO Analysis.


*Free SEO Analysis reports are typically free for those businesses spending £2k+ per month on their SEO activity.

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