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Studies suggest that around 97% of people leave a website without converting.

Whether we want them to complete an enquiry form to get in touch, or checkout and purchase a product - only around 3% of people are actually doing so.

And it's those 97% that we can engage with a well run remarketing campaign.


If a user leaves the website without converting, all is not lost.

Panoptic Media will build and optimise a remarketing campaign that re-engages those users. For whatever reason they left the site, we'll look to get them back.

When these users visit other sites, we can remind them of who you are. And furthermore, we can offer them incentives to come back and transact with you.

We'll put tailored messaging and bespoke ads in front of them, ensuring that we're constantly striving for the end goal - a completed conversion.


Our agency can help you run a remarketing campaign through search, RLSA or display ads.

We'll work with you to formulate a remarketing strategy that targets your customers on the websites and social media platforms that matter.

We'll also help you to create compelling remarketing ads, with the right message to encourage re-engagement.


As part of our free Paid Search Audit, we'll look into your remarketing activity. So what are you waiting for?


Get in touch now for Panoptic Media to run a free audit of your remarketing activity, or to see how we can help.

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