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Free PPC Audits are fairly commonplace in the world of digital agencies. However, good ones aren't.

At Panoptic Media, we've sat down and worked out how we can buck this trend - we want to offer an audit for free, that is worth more than just money.

After much deliberation, and many restructures of the document - we have our offering. And we think you'll like it.


If paid search isn't done well, the costs can be staggering. Our PPC Audits look at the reasons as to why a campaign might not be running as well as you'd want.

It's not a computer generated report, but a document that is hand crafted by an experienced Paid Search Consultant.


It includes, but is not restricted to, how we can help to improve:

- Impression Share

- Click Through Rate

- Quality Score

- Ad Rank

- Ad Extensions

- Ad Scheduling

- Keyword Match Types & Negative Keywords


Why do we offer so much gold dust for free? Quite simply, because our Paid Search Consultants are passionate about what they do, and they want to help.

Not only are we confident that our PPC Audits are the best in the industry, but we're certain that we could improve your paid search campaigns.


What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Panoptic Media for a free PPC Audit today.


*Free PPC audits are restricted to accounts that spend a minimum of £5k per month, or Google Ad Grants users.

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