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When people think of search engines, the first one on their lips is Google. And rightly so. However, more and more people are taking to Bing for their search needs.


Search volumes on Bing are at their highest level yet. Yet their CPC's don't appear to have risen at the same rate.

What does this mean for you? It means more traffic at a cheaper rate.


At Panoptic Media, our consultants are Bing Ads Certified. Not only are they good at optimising Bing campaigns, but they love doing so.

We believe that Bing shouldn't necessarily be an alternative to Google. They should run alongside one another.


Using in-depth and market-leading analysis, Panoptic Media will ensure that you're getting the best results you possibly can from your Bing Ads campaign.

We'll ensure we're targeting the right terms, at the right price. In other words, we'll only send the traffic to your site that we believe will be the most profitable.


As part of our overall paid search analysis, Panoptic Media can include analysis of your Bing Ads campaign in our free Paid Search Audit.

Or, if you're not currently running anything on Bing, we can research the market and make some strategic suggestions as to how an optimised campaign might be run.


Whether you're running Bing Ads or not; whether you're running them alongside AdWords or instead of AdWords - Panoptic Media are certain we can help.


Get in touch now to see how we can help with your new or existing Bing Ads campaign.

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