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Google Analytics has become ever more powerful as the years have gone by.

In fact, there is more data available to us than we're ever likely to need. So, we need to ensure that we are able to analyse the data we want quickly and efficiently.

And that's just what Panoptic Media do. We are an agency that loves data.


After we've taken the time to understand your business, and the market in which your operating, Panoptic Media will look to agree some clearly defined goals and KPI's.

Once these are in-place, Google Analytics is our hunting zone. Whether you want to see an increase in traffic to certain pages, or a reduction in bounce rate - we've always got our heads in GA.

We'll be sure to attribute all of the engagement on your site to a particular channel. And if it needs to be attributed to more than one channel, we'll make sure that happens too.


Panoptic Media can help you to measure the success of every element of your spend, and your site.

You'll know who is visiting, who is engaging, and where they have come from. And because we understand this, we can constantly strive to improve your digital campaigns.


Panoptic Media will tell you how your site is performing. And we'll be incredibly granular.


If you're wondering how well your marketing spend is returning, or how each channel is performing - then get in touch with Panoptic Media today.

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